Ornaments in Life / by Mikael Rudolfsson - Trombone

That little extra unexpected thing that makes life shine even brighter. Like the person you meet, somewhere you didn't count on it. Or like suddenly realizing that it's the climate hero Greta Thunberg walking back and forth with her father in the train car on my way through the summer landscape.

Ornaments, or embellishments. As always, music helps me understand the rest of life. Surprising me, in the most wonderful manner, with small but important changes. That small sudden idea taking you from one bar to the next, the unexpected turn or trill around a note, contributing to the spontaneity and the excitement.

Which are your small gems around the notes? How do you keep the eternal changes of life flowing?

Or my favourite sequence of the (CPE) Bach flute sonata in g minor. Falling leaves. And nothing makes me feel more summery-like than this upwards falling sequence.

Sunny greetings,

Your Mikael