Living on the Road / by Mikael Rudolfsson - Trombone


Four Hotels I Really Really Like

Traveling can be both wonderful and taxing. And, since the world tends to get more and more standardized with every second hotel belonging to a big chain it has become more and more important to me finding my personal oasis when away from home. Here I have picked out four hotels I really really like – they all have in common that they add a very personal touch to your stay, offer that sincere friendly smile at the reception or that locally inspired home-made personal breakfast and – most important of all: give you the opportunity to meet nice and open-minded fellow travellers.

These hotels belong to the category ”luxurious but affordable” and fit equally well for the business trip as for the relaxation weekend. The Scandinavian two are beautifully situated right by the sea. The two German city hotels are both located in the bulls-eye of their respective city.



Hotel Savoy Berlin, Germany

Fasanenstraße 9-10, 10623 Berlin, Germany

Since my first stay here I’m deeply in love with its red furniture, the old patinated flair of the rooms and the joie-de-vivre atmosphere in the lobby. Perfectly situated by Bahnhof Zoo with Tiergarten closeby for the morning jog.



Hotel Nizza Frankfurt, Germany

Elbestraße 10, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany

Right in the middle of the swirling Bahnhofsviertel, but so genuine and reliable. The breakfast ist exquisitely hand-made and just delicious. The rooms have a tall ceiling and let you travel in time, at least 40-50 years. Recommendation!



Hotel Vejlefjord, Jylland, Denmark

Sanatorievej 26, 7140 Stouby, Denmark

Absolutely stunnigly situated at the Vejle bay, far away from everyday life this old sanatory building was refurbished with big love to detail and is now a wonderful hotel/spa. My suggestion: take a walk down to beach, walk to the left through the forest, take a swim at the hidden part of the bay and feel like Robinson Crusoe.



Hotell Mossbylund, Skåne, Sweden

27453 Mossby, Sweden

At the very southern cape of Sweden, closeby Ystad in the Skåne region, the flat croplands and fields meet the stormy Östersjön. If I would go somewhere just to read, relax and think, this would be the place. Trelleborg, just 35km away is directly reachable with the ferry from Sassnitz, which brings this spa oasis very close to continental Europe. And...what a breakfast!